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 I Love Me Some You

I love me some you,
And the sexy things you do.
To the way your eyes smile at me,
To the way you squeal with glee.
I love me some you
When you pout, when you don't get your way,
Or the things you do when we play.
The way you seduce me, when you are in the mood,
Whispering softly, to me wake up dude.
I love me some you
I love you for the man you are, you are my light,
From the way you hold me in your arms at night.
To the special way you make me feel,
Each moment with you is so surreal.
To the way our bodies intertwine,
You make love to my body, also my mine.
Lover, friend.....make no mistake,
You are my strength, my rock, my soul mate.
I love me some you
Everything about you turns me on,
But it's the love that last, after the sex is gone.
Visions of you always run through my mind,
Especially in those jeans, that hug that behind.
Or that sexy piece you had on last night,
You looked so good, I had to turn on the light.
And that low bustier you are wearing right now,
Those breast are staying in .....I don't know how.
But it's the eyes that do it for me,
Looking into your heart and loving what I see.
I love me some you
Illusions is the first of all pleasures,
You seek, and you will find my treasure.
As I look at you, I lose control,
You are beautiful, a portrait to behold.
Rich dark chocolate skin so smooth,
I never want to disturb this groove.
As you embrace me with your scent,
I know for me, you were always meant.
I love the way you do the things you do
Without a second thought, I love me some you.
Know whether near or far,
You have my heart, wherever you are.
No matter what we might go through,
Always know, I love me some you.
When I go to work, can't wait to get home,
All day, I think of us being alone.
Visions of you, run through my mind,
you standing there, I'm hugging you from behind.
You are the one that makes my heart skip a beat,
Whenever we are close, it turns up the body heat.
I can't imagine being without you, I want you always there,
You are a part of me, and I know you care.
Please keep doing what you do,
And never doubt, "I Love Me Some You"

Collaboration: LLLee and blkstallyun..(c)...2007