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Heart of A Hustler Part I(the poor man's anthem)

This poem isn't about me, right or wrong but the reality of everyday life of so many whom so desperately need help.

I've been beating these streets
    pound by pound
I'm walking ten feet tall
but I'm buried nine feet down,
    struggling and straining
trying to squeeze money out the ground
but I'm a hustler to my heart
    so I'll except this crown
But the struggles of life trying to keep me bound,
    down in the gutter where weak minds drowned
I might have some boots...but where are my straps?
I got too many problems piled in my lap
Though I've been hustling and struggling
    all night long,
    it's the passion and the pain
    that keep me strong,
Through the storm and rain, mile after mile
    fighting and surviving trial after trial
Some call me faithful...some call me a fool
    but look at my shoes...I've paid my dues
Life doesn't play by rules so be careful when you choose
If yo're not fighting to win you're surely going to lose
My feet are still burning and the world's still turning
If I stop walking I'll have to start running
because still feet can't be satisfied,
Street pity won't provide
In this life you must strive if you want to stay alive
So don't come to me crying, I need every dime
If you want to see hard times
    then look at my face
I've been grinding for miles
I've been waiting for days
It's hell trying to stay alive,
I can't afford to act dignified
Don't try to take me on a pony ride,
    weak minds don't survive
I need every dime, don't waste my time
I need every dime so don't come to me crying  
I should've listened to mama
    but it's too late
The rent is due now
    and the Man won't wait
I try to do right
    but wrong keeps coming my way,
I try to hold out
    but what can I say
I'll do what I got to today
    and tomorrow I'll pray,
    what can I say,
    you're going to preach anyway
I just thank God to see another day
The poverty got my pockets wrapped in bands,
My cries are pouring through the cracks of my hands...
   hustling for a dime in the seas of the sand
   in the midst of this cold-hearted land
I've been beating these streets
    pound by pound
I'm feeling ten feet tall
    but I'm buried nine feet down,
    neck deep in problems
    with enemies all around
When everybody else is sleep
I'm beating these streets

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James

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