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Fading Flower

I can look into her beams and hear her screams,
      "I'm still relevant!!"
She made no noise because she had no voice,
But why did she let the dusty air dry her blooms in the spring?
Fall time teases her with the colors of wild Autumn dreams
    with high winds and low streams
as a force that destroyed her essence before her time
   I can see her worth fade in her mind
    with perilous and predictable signs
         of a fading flower
She let the world's showers wash away her power
     and scatter them with the wind
   She needs help but she pretend
        because she's proud
The strength of her colors no longer draws a crowd
so she tries hiding but the wind is too strong
She tries running but the arms of Time are too long
as she desperately fights off the frosty breath of Death
       but she only has three petals left
as Time bends her fragile body toward the ground

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James


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Fading Flower