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Is it Wickedness or Weakness?

Is it wickedness or weakness
that's so intertwined in this
pile of sand?
Everybody know mercy has the eyes of God,
but this hands...
have painted my good and evil deeds
upon a canvas stand
for the eyes of man
whose cruelty has no end
Judge me without mercy O man,
but you can't see your own sin and your own needs?
I am weary of the world...I am weary with self
I've struggled in life and escaped the grips of death,
I have nothing left
I strongly desire to drink the living water
       that takes away my sin,
but would I drink it fully or dip my tongue therein
and burn out the scorning eyes of man
with hot coals,
but I know my frail soul
needs the mercy of him whose peace lasts beyond the times
The God of my mind

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James

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Is it Wickedness or Weakness?