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Beneath the tree the tall grass grows
Neglected cept when the winds blow
Down through the lacy leaves - the sun
Sends shafts of light to play and run
Upon the trunk and leaves and sod
Mid weeds & wildflowers as they nod

Here - I lay in pensive mood
Recalling childhood days so good
Remembering the swing that seemed so high
The limb's so low I wondered why?
But that's the way of childhood dreams
Things are really so different it seems

The house is bent and weathered by rain
Like a tired old man as he leans on his cane
With the tattered old roof facing up to the sky
And windows now empty and bleak to the eye
Once hung with lace curtains so fluffy and white
And smiled forth their welcome with lamplight at night

The old oak door still hangs fairly straight
But the walk is all cracked from here to the gate
The porch still sprawls in it's lazy way
Half round the house where we'd often play
The lilacs have all grown big and wild
But that's where I played with my dolls as a child

The smells that came from the kitchen door
Warm bread & cookies & goodies galore
The well & the pump how well I remember
The making of mud pies from June to September
We'd turn them all out on the fruit cellar door
To bake in the sun till they'd bake no more

Then we'd set our small table right under the tree
And with mud pies & water - pretend we had tea
Nostalgic & poignant - I want you to know
It's pleasant recalling those days long ago
With the world of today & it's hectic ways
Makes me glad to have memories of the Good Old Days

Copyright ę Shirley Sasek
Written in 1972
Posted November 12, 2008

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