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Walk On the Wild Side

This poem is written for the masses, it represents everyone wild side to some level. But now the conscious want to get back to the place it once was but is having struggles in it quest.

  I've walked on the wild side of life down by the sea,
but the Hollywood stars lied, this salt water is killing me
  because the conscious is still aware of what we do
and when rest should be peaceful the conscious sues you.

And say,
         "You got me crying like the skies,
          you took my peace of mind
          and darken my eyes-
          Why did I listen to the lies,
          now I have nothing left to do
            but sue you.
          Go ahead and plead your case
          but I won't listen anymore
          I've been praying for days
          and my knees are sore
          from cries to the skies
          but you kept telling me lies
          with tears of hope in the daylight,
          then sneak off into the night
          even when the hunting season was over
          but you let them track me down
          They've gotten stronger and bolder
          Somebody please come get these hounds,
          they are barking at my feet
          and I can't sleep.
          The conscious speaks.

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James  


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Walk On the Wild Side