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 Reflections of My Heart

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Chapter 20 ~ Who Framed Woger Way Wabbit

Woger Wabbit
The Jess'


Woger Way Wabbit what are you doing
calling  us alley cats
Do you think were boring
Well we will see the facts

You just wait and see
what's in store
But if I were you
I would run for the door.

Your just as cute
as you can be
Oh but Darlin
you will soon see

When it comes to us
you just cant beat the three
We're here we're there
we're everywhere

Now take my advice
if its a cat fight you want
come out and play
we loving taunt

As being cats we land on our feet
So you best be armed with your sharpened pen
we are ready for some fun
and let the show begin.


8:05 AM Reno Nevada USA

Breaker ... Breaker
Donna ... Diana
You all got your ears on?

What am I hearing?
Diana is that you singing?
Then comes a little giggle to my ears
as a cute little graphic to my eyes appear
Donna I knew you were somewhere here

Ut oh Ray hold on to your hat
Singing and dancing carrots
A little of this a little of that ...

It seems our two buddies
have been up and on the run
Plottin our newest game
that has now begun

Woger our friend you better watch out
We now have been a plottin all day
with fits of giggles and shouts

Myself I suggested we frame
the earplugs and running shoes
that you lovingly sent my way
My part of your ribbing?
You were going to get Joseph for a day

In UNISON from Jessana and Jessonna
"You got to be crazy to do that to our Ray"
We want to be a little  mischievous
We don't want to drive him insane!!!!

So okay, okay
Now what do I say?

I'll give you a little clue Woger Way
You best run and hide
Cause you know what happens to you
When our three pens collide

Donna, here's my pen
I hand it to you
I'll let you finish up this bit of fun

Wun Woger Way ... RUN!


Now that Woger Way
What Wascally little Wabbit
To call us Allie Cats
well now that's just done it

War has been declared
He's gotta go down
I think Florida should be
our next battle ground

Its warm and flat
maybe he wont have too many falls
the sand is quite soft
and No mountains to obscure our calls

After the battle has been fought
and the Jess' have won
Well all go down to the beach
having fun til this day is done

Now this man Woger Way Wabbit
He's quite good with the golden pen
but to label us Allie Cats
Well Yall know that just aint fitt'n

How awesome it would be
for the Musketeers four
to share a day just once
now that would settle the score...

Woger Way Wabbit

Those Little Jess'
Have done it again....
Where's my carrot ????
Those wascally wittle vixons !!!!
Back to the drawing board again...

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - Theme
Artist Xoc


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