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I loved you
I asked you to wear my ring
I was true
I wanted to bring

Life to our relationship
Become two to one
Ask for commitment's trip
Which is not won

Love not growing falls away
Layer by layer peeled
Each year summed up in a day
To old age you yield

Women want signs of love
Assurance to be strong
To think you're next to God above
Is where you must belong

A man to do the manly thing
Display his love for her
To take his hand and wear her ring
Cast off all things that were

Not owned a woman's free
Somewhere she'll find relief
If you're cold she'll live in fantasy
To somehow escape the grief

Put a ring on her finger
Wear one on yours too
A symbol to remember
The two to one in you.

11/5/2008 1945 cj

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