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Murder, mayhem, and identity theft, technology aids
And abets... new forms of age old criminality,
Putting ameriKKKa to the test

Contemplation about ameriKKKa as an industrialized economy
Lead me to this observation…
amerikkka's main product function…
Production of the Dead,

White phosphorous bombs... Death
Atomic bombs… Death
Napalm bombs… Death
Cluster bombs...Death
Legal abortion… Death
Life in Prison … Death
Death Row… Death
Guantanamo Bay… Death
Brutality by the Police… Death

amerikkka's main industrial function,
Production of the dead,

Progress making an about face, Africans in white face
Bodies walking around aimlessly with empty heads,
Identity theft have rendered them morally dead,
Minds were stolen when they stole you,

Enough to make a grown man cry
Hand me a tissue,
Identity theft for Black folks hasn't just become an issue

ll of a sudden everyone is worried about identity theft
Some say Malcolm is dead but he once said,
"You left your mind in Africa."

Energy prices and rents are soaring,
Politian's speeches are becoming more boring,
Fake hair, fake nails, fake eye lashes,
Cosmetic overload, scantily clothes, mindless bodies are
Switching and prostituting themselves about town,

Jobs and the value of the dollar is down,
Only in amerikkka can the impoverish suffer from obesity,
Intellectually poor in a state of ethical and moral poverty,
Identity theft ain't new; look at what it has done to me and you

Belly's filled with fire, a slave to their lower desires
Near nude bodies switching about town,
With nothing in their heads, soul's bereft, lower desires over fed,

Yet to be buried but in many ways already dead,
Some say Malcolm is dead but he once said
"You left your mind in Africa."

For Black folks dentity theft ain't new,
Look at the affects it has had on me and you,
The affects are uncanny,

Muslims of African descent dressing like Arabs or Pakistanis,
Or for no better term "BLACKHASTANIS"…
Realizations…amerikkka's main industrial function …
Production of the mentally dead.

The Nur of ALLAH is the only true light,
Got to get your heart right in order to get your mind right
Then, doing the deeds of the righteous will follow.


Habib Abu Lateef


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