ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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In costumes consisting of sawed off pantaloons ...
Wearing skirts falsely called izars ...
Having an appearance that can only
Be characterized as bizarre
Impersonators of piety who have labeled
Themselves Islams true stars
Some worship Arabs as demi gods,
Though, they may not consciously know it ...
But in their deeds they clearly show it .
They have an identity crisis to an extreme ...
And believe that they alone are
The only true practitioners of Allah's Deen.
Shaikh deluded when they first concluded
That piety is determine by the shortness of ones pants.
They eat, drink, snort, shoot and smoke the haraam ...
Dope deal, cuss, steal ... as though high on
Something akin to "spiritual" swine
Known to squeal to the police and will drop a dime...
If they think it will stop the pigs from
Convicting them of their crimes.
It's really weird to believe piety
Is determine by the length of the beard.
Non-sensible, probably missed their Meds
Sellouts, always snitching to the Feds
Telling that they seen us ...
And they follow a dude known as Imam uncle Remus
Well, now a days that is the way it goes ...
UNHOLY NEGROES masquerading in what
They consider to be holy clothes


Abu Lateef


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