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~Just Pondering Away~
(Free Style)

I am sitting here and I can't help pondering a lot as I am typing some of my thoughts away.
And I am thinking how sad it is that so many people can't keep a good relationship going.
And I know that it isn't always easy to do so many things right the way we just want them to be.
But I am aware thru the years that many people don't really appreciate anything good no matter what you give them to.
My mind goes to all the times when only God knows I'd tried so hard to make things work right.
But sadly no matter what you do sometimes the other person doesn't do enough to make it nice for them or for you.
And there it goes all your plans and dreams just thrown out of the window and it is such a waste of time in every way.
You just can't make people perform and do anything if they don't really want that to do.
What we think is right it's not always okay for everybody even if you know it is the truth, the right thing for them and for you.
And some folks are completely blind sometimes and they don't want to accept anything you might tell them every day.
There's so much that we will never understand about life and people and everything that goes around us.
It is so hard most of the time to find a common ground with everybody, but we can only try while remaining true to you.
And that's the best that I can do under all the circumstances that I have to go in my life through.
Life is never easy and there's always something new to learn from the mistakes that we all do.
What is good for me it may not be altogether for you and what is good for you it may be wrong for me.
We all have something new we need to learn from and some have something that for their own good they should quit this day.
And while I'm thinking and pondering on and on all the time when I am not sleeping I know this for sure.
That sadly most people don't really appreciate much of anything good that life has already given them so far today.
Most folks don't even show real love appreciation or pride for God country friends or family.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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