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Big Fruits On Small Trees

  I said,
I am so far from where I want to be
  then God said,
I have precious fruit growing on this small tree
for the starving and the hopeless deprived,
with one seed I can keep ten thousand alive,
with two I can raise a nation out of the dry sand
I shall call them new man

  Then I said,
O Lord, I am so far from where I want to be
  He said,
I establish the hearts and plant the trees,
drench the dry lands and dry up the seas
Thy honor shines like stars when I'm pleased
Seek not the glory that comes from thy hands,
humble thy will and I will make of thee a new man
The things that seem small in thy eyes
are like raindrop gifts from the skies
  for all mankind
that turn the places people call hell into heaven
  in the process of time
The little trees are the true earthly treasures that shine

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James

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Big Fruits On Small Trees