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He's been gone now for over two years
I'm over the worst of the heart break & tears
But the place where he was is so empty & still
That I gather sweet memories of him & I fill
The lonely part of my life

I sit at the table across from from his chair
Without even trying I can picture him there
Contently smiling & scratching the cat
Who had quietly come to his side & sat
And stared with his large saucer eyes

How warm & sunny the days seemed to be
When we would sit talking  just him & me
About a picture we'd painted or a book we had read
Or a joke we had heard or a thought that would thread
It's way through our curious minds

As a child I remember I loved him so
And as I grew older I tell you I know
That I loved him more dearly with each passing year
He was a steady & quiet & humorous - sincere
And I felt safe in the strength of his love

Copyright ę Shirley Sasek  
Written 1969
Posted november 19, 2008

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