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Do you know about the degraded
Whom build Dubai as slaves perhaps
Is that true
Because I am asking you
If people really live in fear
Do they live where God does not shine
Is God only in your mind
Or do you feel a greater love
The love of all the life
Flowing through the air
To share if you pray
Am I stupid for believing this way
Have you ever seen a baby starving
Belly bloated from dysentery
Would you carry it home
Or just let it alone
It is almost unimaginable to me
Because I am free
In America in the West
In the country where it's best
Where you make your own smile
For a awhile
With your style
Or you leaving them crying
Upset vying for a game
And the name is some kind of-ball
Not kicking around the poor
But leather or rubber or wood

This poem is stupid
Have you been to New York City
There's slums there too
If you have seen them
Do they make you blue
Or do you turn your back
Because family is first
When the world's 'bout to burst
At the seams
Because someone deems
To get someone pregnant
There's enough people in the world
It's exploding
Overloading the barrier
Of what is and what shall be
If you stay in the city
No stars at night in Modesto California
Smog from Redding down to Mexico
Then I don't know what's after that
Because I just wanna get back to
Eastern Oregon where my home is
And has been for 30 years
Where my tears can fall like rain
It's dry land wheat country
It's the damned old rodeo
It's hooting and hollering
After a good shooter of Jack Daniels/coke
Where I awoke and got an education
That helped my raise my kids
It was fast*life is fast
Before you know it you're last
Last one living
Of your friends
Life ends
So take chances
Do dances
If you are strong enough
Even in the slums there can be joy
If you have a dream
A fantasy
A plan to be
More than you are now
Go on sing a song
Drum a drum and strum a strum
Or just twist your hair
Because hope's there in something
Even in Dubai as a slave laborer
There must be joy in something
Or you'd take those tools
And kill yourself
Or run from bombs and guns and oil
To die but die free
Free to be is all we have
So make it work and learn anything
New you can and demand to a certain degree
That you are good enough for heaven
Death is peace not chaos
Sometimes it's better to run free
Even for a moment to find
You're are not hungry
Uninspired dirty or fired
From this life of pain and strife
Because you think
To escape the fear stand tall
Or lay flat
Either way it all turns out the same
So live for now even if
You sound totally insane on this
Rainy day doing laundry anyway
Because it's not the Garden of Eden anymore
In the slums you're poor
And a man will steal food
Not so much to be rude
But to survive
Stay alive
To keep breathing
When his strength keeps leaving
And he will lie to make some gold
Turn cold
Like the people whom enslaved him
No one can save them
Except themselves with good
I wish I understood
Why God are there these places
Where a kid faces
Another day living in hell
Sick and unwell
Disgraced and discouraged
Not even know what courage or strength is
What gives?

11/20/2008 1222 cj

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