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 Reflections of My Heart

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Chapter 23 ~ Forever and Ever Land

Well once again here we are
With pens in hand
Ready to take you
to Forever and Ever Land

We felt it was time
a vacation we all needed
In Forever and Ever Land
is where we are headed.

Now it seems our friend
has given us many different faces
and our journeys take us
to all kinds of places.

Many names it seems that we do wear
and for the most its really quite nice
but to be called turkeys and allies cats
well it seems someone it about to get iced

Tis Uncle he will cry
when he's had enough
For we ladies will win
cause we hang tough...

Out first vision was
for him to be Peter Pan
But he called us turkeys !!!
Well we had to take a stand.

We thought it would be fun
to see him in green tights
But after his insults
only Captain Hook would be right

So settle down comfy
and enjoy the show
as we once again duel
with our favorite beau

A vacation the four of us are in such bad need
So Forever and Ever Land is where we will set sail
But on this trip our friend we will call mud
I fear what's in store his face will go pale

There is magic and moon dust
and mighty pens of gold
the only survivors
are the mighty and bold

Now us ladies three have been cast in many roles
the latest of which were turkey and allie cat
Im not real sure how much thought was given
but yes mud is his name and thats a fact

We're fiesty.. We're sharp
We're out of control
We are the three Tinks
our pens are mighty and bold

Lets just see
who gives in this game
of might, words and graphics
with no fortune or fame

Come out come out
where ever you are
You name calling little pirate
we know your not far

We will defeat you and teach you
not to mess with us three
For Allie cats and turkeys
That really just cant be

We're ladies of the night
were fearless in this duel
So come out and join us
but I'd stay away from the pool

It's been said there's one of green
just waiting for you
You say its a crock
Oh my friend how true

But by sea and air you best watch your step
when you hear a wooosh or a tick tick tick
I would do a high step
and your exit should be quick

Our guardian Angel
is the one in green tights
Peter Pan hes the man
that protects us this night


Okay you ready Ray to deal with me?
Your name sure was mud
When ourselves as a turkeys was seen

At least being Ally cats we still had our flair
But Turkeys Ray ???!!!!
Come on now you just DIDN'T play fair!

You've blown your chance
To be Peter Pan as we planned
Our sweet hero of Forever and Ever Land

You want to be villan? Then Villan you shall be
You should know better by now
To not mess with us three
Just lookie here
On this roof top you stand closest to me

Just one little nudge and off you could go
Donna has arranged for a few hungry Crocks
To be waiting below
This time they might get more than your hand
OH NO!!!!!

Diana shall we catch him?
Oh Donna, you really you think so! (snicker)
You're right he's been mighty fiesty
Trying to steal OUR show

Just a few more words Ray
before you get what is due
If you can't say nice things about our legs
Well how bout our shoes?

If you had played fair you would be in green to
I'm disappointed cause I bet our green tights
Would have been perfect for you

(Had little sparkley sequins and everything!)

Cats and Turkeys!
Yep your name is sure mud
You're real lucky we didn't turn your rump
Into old Elmer Fud



Ok my dear friend
it seem the ladies have spoke
this duel of words
began as a joke

We thought a vacation
was needed by all
In a land of fantasy
would be a fun call

But you just had to do it
and step over the line
Well since you're a man
it was just a matter of time

Now you can play that piano
with your cute little crocks
but to call us turkeys
your head must have rocks

And then to come back
with your sheepish grin
How can we stay mad
at our dearest friend

You best step steady
for I have a hunch
It looks like the crock
wants to take you to lunch

Crocodile Rock
Artist: Elton John

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