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Beast Lover

   The beast lover
 is that mysterious foe
    deep undercover
who becomes master of your domain
 when he hooks your heart
 on that imaginary cocaine
 by feeding you sweet lies
mixed with chocolate covered flies
 without any remorse
 or sorrow of heart
  You think,
this got to be the devil
  sent by God
for my foolish and rebellious ways
as you stare at that evil grind on his face
  He says take another bite,
    let it go down smooth
Baby...don't be shy, don't be rude
 Our love is sealed in eternity
 and winks at another woman
   and says, You'll see
My heart is as faithful as the stars in the skies
but his hands are filled with chocolate covered flies
         and deceitful cries
  He tells you to take another piece...
that his heart can't see any joy if you don't feast
but the more you ate the stronger grew this beast
  who becomes as bold as a lightning rod
     and says, before me...
there can be no other god now that I have your heart
    If you want to be free
   you must kneel before me
At which point you knew you had fell,
    to another earth in hell

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James


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Beast Lover