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Beautiful Seductress

She was charmed in the hottest of fires and the skies
                                beyond men's wildest dreams
where fallen angels cried in the mysterious stream
  from the blue, the purple, the red
Her beautiful strength only increased
  when she uncovered her head
           to curse the eyes of man
And there, with muted heads, they couldn't stand
        or think in her spell
She winked and a thousand, in their hearts, fell to hell
             with unfulfilled cries,
blessed is the man who walks around without eyes
          or attentive ears  
 She's the sum of all women fears
whom made sleepy old men awake to a familiar taste,
  They had forgotten the years...the days
    of the miserable times gone by
    while they worshiped and praised
          the colors of her dye

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James


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Beautiful Seductress