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 Reflections of My Heart


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Chapter 24 ~ Devil or Angel

Devil or Angel
Chapter 24

Oh my friend the hole that you dig
gets deeper with each word you express
And as promised we have returned
and have brought HELL with us.

You stand on the edges
of the inner pit of hell
But oh my friend we would
pull you back if you fell

The joke was on you we had a good laugh
so be careful at the graphics you get
For all the things that we don't know
Its always "Hey let's Google it"

We've chatted in foreign languages
for graphics it sure is handy
I bet if we wanted chocolate
We'd just Google candy

Now it is said that Hell hath no fury
as a woman that has been scorned
but just give her a pudgy body, long neck
thunder thighs and you will be torn

To add insult to injury
all she can utter is gobble gobble
and then when she walks
she has a funny wobble

Now maybe you can't see
the lack of humor of it all
But it only sharpened our pens
to answer this turkey call

The decision is yours
Its time to decide
if we're she devils or angels
that stand by your side

We believe you sheepishly
Have seen the error of your way
so the slate is wiped clean
and we start a new day


Well it seems a reprieve has been given again
The Great Turkey adventure has come to its end

Whew ... is anyone else a little warm here
It seems we titer at the edge of all human's fears

Are we She Devils or Angels we will leave that to you
Watch your step Ray we won't let you fall through

Or shall we gals?

The mighty Three all here with our pens
We take our advantages each time a new game begins

Uncle to us you will one day cry
But I'll give you this it will be after for us a hell of a ride

We give you now a clean sparkling new slate
We've noticed that your old one has been filled of late

OMG Ray ...
We could have become someone's dinner
for their Thanksgiving plate

A little ruffled at first we may have been
But Really Ray ... Turkeys?

To your crafty ways we have become wise
You with your sheepish grin and devilish eyes

I can just see them flashing as you pick up your pen
"Well lets just see who you become today my friends" LOL

Paybacks are hell you haven't seen that by now
You know if you dish it out our pens go on the prowl

So feel free to place your own regrets
Cause we are the mighty thee
The best of the best

And here's .............. Diana


Now my dear friend
I've got to take a stand
for you called us three turkeys
with feather in hand

Short legs you gave us
not so good now
I fear next you  may have us
as three dancing cows

Together all four
we have been through so much
With life's many ups and downs
that I am truly touched

but then you made
that horrible turkey call
and left us three standing
not tall at all

With long necks and short legs
and body too fat
at least Donna makes us sexy
and that is a fact

But you came back admitting
the error of you ways
and we she devils forgive
for we can be angels on most days

So the She Devils three
forgive the turkey call
as we can be devils
the four of us all

We have an angel's side
for friends are hard to find.
My friend, Devil Ray
we four are one of a kind

So for tonight our pens
we lay upon the desk
but always know
we are as one in life's test


Well My Dear Man
a pardon you have been given
by the gift of friendship
it was lovingly driven

She Devil or Angel?
Well it depends on the day
We really can be both
depends on who needs to pay

We are the Musketeers four
together we all click
We walk quite softly
but carry a big stick

What is done to one
is done equally to all
We are always right here
when one puts out the call

The friendship we share
is the best next to none
We are a united front
We stand as one.

So my dear sweet friend
with us you are cursed
We will kiss all your boo boo's
to good health you will be nursed

So my pen is laid to rest
until your reply
and we await to hear UNCLE
that you will eventually cry.

Devil Ray

Devil In Disguise
Artist Elvis Presley

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