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 You Must Fight

You Must Fight          (Aug1972)

The hawk says, "Go and serve, young man, It's your duty;
Fight the Red Scourge to protect your family and friends.
Let their blood run deep, wipe the memory of them from the land,
Against this evil You Must Fight!"

The dove quietly says, "Why must we kill over ideas?
Why does our differences make us enemies?
Why does…?" /// "Shut up,  you weakling!" the hawk flashed in anger.
"You only have one choice, You Must Fight!"

"Our fathers fought to protect Commie hippies like you
And I will fight too, Who gives you the right to speak?"
The doves says, "I am an American just like you."
The hawk says coldly, "If you are, You Must Fight!"

The dove speaks once again, "There must be a better way
Without shedding blood, without spreading hate."
The hawk screams, "That is enough, no more debate!
This is your last chance, You Must Fight!"

The dove stands quietly, bravely, without hate;
The hawk swoops down, talons slashing, and attacks.
The dove is dead, or is his heart still beating, quietly beating
Deep within my chest. /// "Shut Up, You Must Fight!!!"

Summer 1972
Ten miles off the coast of DaNang aboard the USS Flint
on the gun line during one of our last surges before
the end of the war effort in Vietnam.

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