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 The Mirror

Today, I glimpsed at a shadow in the mirror.
It sort of looked like me, but out of focus.
Other people mirrored back to me a self that I don't see,
As it's obscured by the Fred I know.

Others vision of me is not clouded by the sin,
Others vision of me is blind to the faults I see.
When I look, I still can see the chilling darkness.
I want their mirror of light, please, not mine.

Such kindness was poured out to me today.
I want to believe in my fullness that I am what they say.
But the mirror I look into is blackened,
Why cannot I see the Fred they see?

I look inside and I see good my good intentions,
I look inside and see my kind heart;
But in the mirror I see my constant failings,
The fear, that cold blinding fear stares back.

But maybe it is the inside that they see.
Maybe it's my intentions and desires.
Just maybe they look with loving kindness and forgiveness;
Is it possible their mirror is on my heart?

Oh, what a delightful thought that is!
With that possibility I sense a lightness in my soul.
What if I look at myself as I look at others,
By looking into the mirror of my heart.


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