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Are you ...
Unconciously wanting to crawl
back on the plantation
While striving for a good
western education
A so-called good job with
high pay ... does it give you
a sense of Fulfillment at the
end of the day?
Is this the sole reason you
were born? Is this life’s ...
true meaning?
Or, have you fallen prey to
the Capitalist way of thinking?
The rugged individual, the single
Minded entrepreneur, the self
made Man ... all these concepts
are full of Manure.
Individual ambition ... caring
Only for self is a formula for
Collective failure. What better
example do we have of that
failure ... than ameriKKKa herself.
Go into any inner city, onto any
Reservation or into any prison
And you’ll see that collective
failure. Is life only about sex,
money and watching sports on
TV or is there a Higher purpose
in life beyond what the physical
eye can see?
Blinded by material distractions,
Immersed in Sports and
Admusements, Eyes can become
blinded as the Soul Cries for
answers and the reasons ... why?
Tired of injustices and lies ...
Yearning for the reasons why ...
Unaware with limited scope,
Are you searching for explanations
that may give birth to future hope?
Then you must dig deep ... deeper
than Skin deep, deeper than the
color of the skin you find yourself in.
You must develop the Soul.
Knowing that you are Black is not
Enough. Take it to the next level of
Conscious evolution by seeking
The straight path that leads to
Change within. This change will
Cultivate a new mentality and a
truly righteous identity that will be,
Soul Deep not skin deep. So,
exert your individuality by being
an example of change in the society
like Malcom, Mu’mia and Imam Jamil,
Men of conviction and Iron Will.

Resolve to evolve and become
complete, And our enemy we will
defeat, The solution ... become
one with the Islamic revolution!

Free ... Fred (Muhammad) Burton,
Free ... Mu’mia Abu Jamal
Free ... Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin

Free All political prisoners!!!


Abu Lateef


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