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Violence is as ameriKKKan as
George Washington and his
Cherry tree.
Poor folks sent
To prison as the white house
Frees Scooter Libby.
Murder and mayhem spreads
From sea to shining sea,
Corporate criminals are the
Freest of the free,
Prisons overflowing with those
That look like me.
Shootings in city hall, kids murdered
While in school ...
Office of the president occupied
By a fool.
Not only in the urban ghetto ...
But even in small towns
Robbery, mayhem and homicides
Are going down.
ameriKKKa sprang from seeds of
Genocide ... cities vie for the title,
‘Capital of homicide.’
Stacking up more bodies than
Al Capone or John Gotti ...
Congressional oversight committees
Derelict and shoddy.
MURDER ... the alphabet crew can’t
Seem to stop ... and they are
Suppose to be the top cops.
The FBI, CIA and DEA can’t turn the
Tide ... ameriKKKa is the mother of
Homicide ... and that’s no lie,
Violence is as ameriKKKan as George
Washington, Coke a-Cola, hot dogs
And cherry pie.

Would you care for another slice?
No thank you ... I've had enough!

Abu Lateef


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