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 World's Apart

When looking at the two of us I see that we are worlds apart.
A high wall of the mankind's reality separate our two paths,
As this gulf seems to get wider the more I seek a way across.
Our paths cannot ever cross nor will I ever know who you truly are,
As the powers of time touch the reigns of each of our life's.
"Why can I not know you?" I ask the fates that are in control.

The answer comes back slowly echoing down a lonely valley
As our lives has deemed us to be strangers, no matter what my heart may  say.
Our galaxies seem to be light years apart without a worm hole to connect us.
We live in different dimensions, with different destinations ahead each of us;
But there is a longing to reach out to something unknown within you.
This draws me to seek the answer to the whys of this dharma before us.

I will never know what could have been  with your presence enlightening my life,
As only in dreams can I even have a fantasy of what this would be like.
We exist in another time, other lifetimes, as the universe pulls us father away.
In meditation sometimes I sense that I can almost touch your hand,
But this foolish illusion mocks me and then laughs as I rail against  the reality.
I can never fully accept the fact that we are destined to be  worlds apart.


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