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 The Bambino

The times were exciting as the Great War's memories were fading;
The Roaring 20's were just beginning to take the stage.
A man came to the Big Apple from Boston, George Ruth was his name.
This man would reinvent the game that held America's heart.
In his carreer he reached the seats a record 714 times.
The Black Sox scandal was still fresh as Judge Landis's gavel fell,
Banning Shoeless Joe for life exposing the seeder side of this game.
The game changed and learned when The Bambino came to the plate.

We always cherish the past, but this new face changed that with his mammoth swats.
Going into his famous trots, his quick wit;  he quickly became king of the diamond.
With one swing of the bat he transformed the game into something totally new.
From station to station ball that was the standard of that day, to swing! Holy cow! 60!!!
Larger than life in all that he did, on the field balls flew out of parks across this land;
As his passion for life spilled into many a woman's desire, as he was the King.
His gargantuan appetite for hot dogs and beer became legendary, the realm of myth.
Everyone stopped and watched as The Bambino came to the plate.

The kids loved him and he loved the kids, they gathered after the game;
Just to hear the Sultan of Swat, to touch him, to see his loving smile.
No, he was no perfect role model, but we didn't care… We worshiped this gentle giant.
His fire burned brightly consuming his very life, his power was mesmerizing.
Then quietly we saw our hero waste away too quickly caught up in the excesses;
But the legends grew larger of this man who changed the face of this nation.
More than an athlete, more than even a man; he became our leader during the Depression.
Even God stopped and watched whenever The Bambino came to the plate.

His legacy is as powerful now as it was in days gone by;
We don't even desire to seek out the truth from this legend.
This is The Babe, King of the game, alive still in every crack of the bat.
George Herman Ruth, The Bambino, I am smiling just saying the name.
Like some magical phrase that empowers the universe with joy;
All of time stops and watches the memories of The Bambino coming to the plate.


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