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I saw her coming down the street
A full grown Shepherd clean & neat
She was walking slow, beside my son
Oh lordy - she was a proud one

From the moment he took her leash in hand
She made his every wish her command
Though she was friendly with others & me
She made him her Master you could see

Where-ever he went he went, she was at his side
What ever he asked - that's what she tried
She was smarter than any dog I ever knew
And let me tell you - I've known quite a few

Her eyes were big and soft & brown
A pretty tan face with a diamond crown
If you asked her for five, she'd give you her paw
The gentlest big dog you ever saw

My son got her at the pound you see
She was going to to be put to sleep at three
At 2 o'clock he paid her fee
And that dear old dog knew - he'd set her free

I think she'd have followed him to the ends of earth
Twas as if she grew up with him from birth
Her eyes & her ears were tuned to his voice
And before all others - he was her first choice

He worked at a gas station - that wasn't too far
And everyday they got into his car
And off to the station they'd go for the day
Just glad to be together that way

He called her Chopper an odd name I declared
But Chopper it was and she never cared
She loved her collar that held her tags
And she learned to carry a bucket & rags

He pumped the gas - she carried the money
It was a cute trick - it struck people funny
Believe me, she knew what to do with the dough
She'd take it to the register before she'd let go

Sometimes she'd lay on the station's floor
You'd better believe - no one came in the door
She'd had a big voice as you might suspect
And all men held her in deep respect

She spent most of her days - that first year with my son
Romping & working & having fun
They'd go to the farm of a friend who had sheep
And she'd she'd run in the field and them and leap
Ah, those were her good days before winter came
Bringing a limp and arthritis pain
The vet guessed her age to be about ten
And said she could expect arthritis around then

Well - winter found her comfy all around the house
She was obedient and quiet as a mouse
A better dog you'd never see
And that's when she grew close to me

I was glad to see the snow melt away
And the return of a nice sunny summer day
I'd help her outside to lay in the sun
Cause you see - by now she could no longer run

She'd walk around the yard & lay
And she'd try to water from the hose & play
All the while she was out there she guarded our yard
But by the end of summer those steps were so hard

No matter - we'd lift her & carry her in
The dog was a beauty it seemed such a sin
That winter was harder for her you see
And it got so she depended a lot on me

I doctored & cleaned & fed her each day
And shed many tears while my son was away
She'd lay there & listen for his return from school
She knew his step - she was no body's fool

She gave us a wonderful year and a half
And many times - a real good laugh
And I'll always count it a blessing for sure
To have known a wonderful dog like her

Now - though she is gone - she is still very near
For we buried her out in the yard she loved so dear
And though I feel sad when I look where she lays
We're eternally glad to have shared her last days

Copyright Shirley Sasek  Written December 1975
Posted November 29, 2008

Chopper - died December 16th 1975 - Tuesday about 1:50 PM


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