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The desert sun beats down on my head.
The fires of this hell burns into my brain.
Water's taste mocks me as I seek one more drop,
The dryness leathers my mouth and tongue.
I forgot why I am here at this moment,
I am scanning the horizon for an oasis.

Life has stranded me in this blazing furnace;
My misery is compounded by each step ahead.
I am searching for an escape from this punishing heat,
As I walk through the hot sands looking over the horizon.
Seeking to see something, anything but this damned sand,
I look from this high dune and I see an oasis.

I wonder if it is real, as in this emptiness springs forth life;
Is this only an illusion, a mirage that my heart is wishing for.
I stare down, not wanting to be deceived by my own mind.
The desire to run to the crystal blue waters and greenery,
To enjoy the beauty of the life springs and drink of its glory.
I hope for the reality of the vision of the oasis.

My eyes search for the reality that lies before me.
I walk only partially believing in the vision;
I don't wish to be lied to by senses as my trust is guarded.
I look once more and then take another step forward.
I can almost taste the cool crisp water of the gods.
I am at the edge of the vision and I feel the breath of coolness,
Escaping into this vision of the oasis.

Peace enters my soul as I drink from the oasis.


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