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 Castle of Illusion

Upon the hill overlooking the valley below I live in my home.
Protected from intruders on this high ground with strong walls.
I am satisfied that nothing can be taken from me in this fortress.
This is my buttress in the night against the forces of evil;
My life is completely secure as well as all my possessions.
I dwell feeling protected within my castle of illusion.

Slowly erosion eats away at this belief of my permanence.
What I once saw as protection transforms into a prison.
The aging walls are peeling and the floors are no longer level.
Movements within the foundation leaves small cracks now growing.
Time passes and everything within my life begins to decay.
Yet I dwell feeling untouchable within my castle of illusion.

The cracks are now becoming holes as more time passes.
I cannot patch quick enough as it seems that time's destruction
Is quicker that my ability to repair, age ravages my life.
In the mirror I see the damage that the sands of time imparts.
My health slips away, my possessions are beginning to rot.
I dwell feeling somewhat older in my castle of illusion.

The destruction within the structure of my life is nearly complete.
My aging body is dying as disease steals my life's essence.
I look at the mountains of dusty possessions surrounding me;
Where has the luster gone, why did I care so much?
When this moment comes, I look back and I now fully see,
That my entire life has been lived within this castle of illusion.

Sorting out the reality of what is important.

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