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For  thirty-two years our marriage has stood
Against the ravages of mistrust, as it should.
As we understand that our love is not based on feeling;
It is our commitment to each other that brings us healing.

Unshaken because I might not like what you did today,
For commitment binds us, especially when I don't get my way.
The constrains on our hearts creates a bond to each other;
Draws us away from any attractiveness  we may find in another.

Temptations are the same for couples who remain united,
But commitment keeps the flames of our passion ignited.
This is not based on emotions of what is happening now;
The decision was made by us to affirm our wedding vow.

Mistrust has no place within this realm of action;
Our commitment creates the power of attraction.
Love grows, trust is confirmed, the fruit of our tree
Will ripen for the consumption of both you and me.

Divorce rates skyrocket, sleeping around is epidemic,
The solution the problems with marriages is academic.
Understand that God's word says ‘the two become one' ,
Commitment is the glue that maintains this bond until life is done.

Does this make me imprisoned by the words I once spoke?
No!!! I say. The bonds of Holy matrimony is not a yoke.
Freedom to love without being on a tightrope without a net,
Creating a glorious life of beauty ever since we first met.


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