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 Dancing in the Morning

The evening comes as the sun sets in my life, I am sad and alone.
The wind begins to howl, as the shutters rattle in an eerie rhythm.
I curl up in the fetal position in the center of the floor, I am overwhelmed.
Darkness enters the front door, fear follows as my hairs stand on end.

Relentlessly this evil force attacks me within the darkness;
Its jabs and pokes land upon my body too many times to count.
I stay curled up protecting my vitals as this entity assails me again and again.
The moon doesn't even shine in this dark and malevolent night.

The blackness is so strong that I cannot see even a shadow;
Only the sounds of this demon's cry can be heard inside my head.
I hold onto my heart with both arms tightly as this is what it lusts for.
The chill of its coldness surrounds me as it promises the world for my soul.

I am under siege throughout this night as this darkness will not give up.
Fear it conjures deep inside me with visions of destruction of everything I love.
I cling to my faith, my hope, my love, I hold more tightly to my heart;
As this power attempts to snatch my soul from God's loving hands.

I feel numbed by the attacks as time seems suspended thrown into this hell;
But from deep within my heart, it is protected as this blackness claws at my chest.
The fires of hell emit no light, as it is truly the black hole of all creation.
If I come within its gravitational pull, it draws the good from me leaving me empty.

My soul empowers me with the Force of light that resists this evil incarnate.
I think I hear the rooster crow, shadows on the walls begin to appear.
The light of morning is getting near as the demon unleashes its last attack;
But my heart is held by God's grace, this ensures my safety will be complete.

As a beam of the sun breaks over the eastward mountain this demon shrieks.
The forces of evil cannot stand in the light of day, then we can see them for what they are.
This is one beautiful morning, peace and comfort comes as the angels minister to me.
The temptation is over, I'm dancing in the morning;  joy and gladness overtake me!
The warm sun shines down, I'm dancing in the morning!


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