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 Don't Die Until You're Dead

Seeing this on a sign at a local church,
It touched a soft spot in my heart.
Thinking deeply into the esoterics
Of the statement, I simply wondered.

We surrender too much of life to fear.
Scared to fully live on the cutting edge,
Scurrying to a darkened corner to hide.
This is that premature death spoken of.

Live for the now riding the wave of the moment.
Get up on that longboard and hang ten.
Run under the curl and thrill every atom.
Climb the mountain simply because it's there.

Explore the depths of the seas so blue.
Rocket into the dark reaches of this universe.
Experience love with all of your senses.
Not living in the fear of my heart being hurt.

Race into the future fully present in the now.
Never pull back on the reigns of the cart.
Open your heart to the fresh wind every day.
Fear not;  don't die until you're dead.


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