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 Far Away From Walnut Street

Autumn with all its color and warmth has
taken its leave…Soft velvet snow flakes
brought on by a cold North wind has
arrived here today, to be in my life
once again.

I wonder…is this the last winter
I will ever see?
Who knows, it may very well be!
Life is so short it seems to me.

Perfect, I'm not…mistakes have
been made, but time is unforgiving
and I wish some regrets were not mine,
so my life would somehow rhyme.

It all started on Walnut Street,
but where did it all go?
At four…how was I to know?

The answer lies in my yesteryears.
Never to know my mother, father,
brothers and sisters was my fate to be.

My family tree starts and ends with me!
The years have lingered on, and what fate
had dealt for me…has  long come and gone.
Time is the rule, I often wonder what
could have been, but wishing and wanting
changes not one sin.

There's nothing left for the Poor Little Boy from
Walnut Street… soon to be ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
May his troubled soul find peace after all those
years far away from Walnut Street!

Jackie R. Kays
© 12/1/08


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