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 Reflections of My Heart


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Chapter 27 ~ There's A Rumble'n Down South !!!!  

There's A Rumble'n Down South !!!!
Chapter ~ 27

Well it appears there's this northern fella
that has found it totally fit'n
to make fun of us ladies of the South
He surely must be kid'n

A bad name he has given
to all Southern Bells
No teeth and turkeys
Now what the Hell !!!!

This road he is a paving
by overloading his mouth
I fear will take him further
than even we are down south

We three southern Ladies
Have our matching trusty steeds
Gitty-Up-Go, Gitty-Up-Get and Gitty-Up-Oh 5hit
that can match any speed.

Now if a rumble you want
we never back away
but we do our best
when we come out to play

Now every one loves
a good country dance
With our 5hit kicking boots
its two step'n we prance

Now our sweet friend
you best have belief
you'll see we are fit
and have all our teeth

Thunder thighs we don't have
frumpy dresses we have not
Its those tight fit'n jeans
that ties cowboys into knots

So our sweet northern friend
to you our hat we do tip
As we walk off into the sunset
with a county wiggle in our hip


Now southern we are
and southern will be
We all three ladies
are here to please

Yes we have all of our teeth
tight fit-tin jeans and cowboy boots
We strut our stuff here in the South
the good ole cowboys know what were talking bout

So my Northern friend
you don't know what you say
How about it Cowboy
wont you come out to play
Its all down home cooking
from the land its gotten free
greens ham chicken grits
and corn bread good as it can be

Country music will only do
kicking our legs up in the air
That's how us three ladies
are two stepping around the floor everywhere

So come  on down and join us
our sweet northern friend
We ladies from the south
will stand by you til the end

Yes we got it going on
us ladies in the South
So come on and join us
or just hush ur mouth

Donna... Lesa !!!!!
Look at them cowboys
Yeeeee Hawwwwww.


Yeeeeee--Hawwwww the gangs all here
There's going to be a party as night stars
Find their way to appear

If we're a find'n Ray in a rock'n chair
Next to some ole woman declaring his love
Its time that we really show him
what us Southern Bells are made of

We've been work'n all day
to clean up this ole barn
Cant be stepping in a critters poo
when we grab our cowboys arm

The RSVP's are getting crazy
It seems everyone wants to come
But not allowed are any turkeys
Or old ladies that can only show their gums

Sorry Ray, your Wild Rose Sweetheart
Will have to stay at home
But we will keep your secret
That from your rocker you did roam

When you get a load of us all decked out  
In boot n jeans and all our Southern Charm
I am a wonder'n if you will be of the notion
to keep her on your arm

We thought we'd keep this party simple
But the critters said that just would not do
They demanded if we were going to use their barn
They dang well be able to party too

So the chickens grabbed the fiddler
Because they said we needed to understand
That if there was going to be a party
There had to be a fiddler in the band

Can't wait to show off our fancy duds
And kick up our heels real high
I only hope as we are a kick'n
We don't find ourselves land'n in a cow pie

Donna, did you find the paper lanterns?
The hay has just arrived
Guess this big ole barn is calling me
To finish up inside

Just one more word of caution Ray
Before I am on my way
There is a Rumble'n In The South
Your gals are here to play

(exits with a cute little wiggle and a tip of her hat)

Take it away Donna


There's a rumbling down South
and its not a passing of gas
a Northerner let their alligator mouth
over ride their tadpole A55

We three are mighty proud
born and bred Southern Women
and we don't care what anybody says
the South is closest to heaven

We stand tall
and mighty proud
we will stand out
in any Northern crowd

We have that sexy
sweet Southern drawl
in stead of "Use Guys"
we just say Yawl...

We know how to have fun
and friends we carefully pick
Other than friends and family
well we just don't give a flick

At any given moment
we can break out in song
or cut a jig on the floor
whose to say we're wrong.

A plug of chaw in our mouth
you will never find
Southern Ladies don't spit
were gentle and kind

But anyone to cross just one
well we've been known to cuss
we will hunt down the Dumb A55
and bringing hell with us

So us Ladies of the South
we protect our own
We stand up for right
with a very firm tone

So let this be a lesson
to those who think Southern is dumb
just utter a word
you'll get put on your bum

My friend it seems
you were given bad reference
But even though your a Northerner
you are still our first preference

Dang it Ray !!!
Where is your boot ????

Ah Ha !!!!
Where you always manage to put it

Yall Come Back Now
Ya Hear

Ok Ladies with hat in hand
All together now
Yeeee Hawwww

The End

If You're Gonna Play In Texas
Artist Alabama


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