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This Too Shall Pass


When the world feels like it's weighing down your shoulders
and you can't seem to go on, and you've lost your way
leading to the road less traveled home...take courage
and be strong
When life stress touches your heart
and you feel broken as if your soul is falling apart
hold your head towards the sky, and wait for God to humbly reply
That this to shall pass,
hard times don't always last,
give all your worries to GOD
let him remove your pain from your heart,
so that his light may brightly shine,
through the soul of your hearts mind
hold steady, hold fast, cause this too
shall pass.

There will be times when we search for happiness
And life seems unfair,
Know that God put no more on us then we can bear.
There will be times we will be hurt by love, ask God
to give us strength, and leave in the master's hands above
If we fall in love, and it don't last
You will find that one day this too shall pass.
Know that we all make mistakes,
don't beat yourself up for goodness sake
Trust in God, and patiently wait
Know that he will dry our tears
Bring calmness to our fears
At night he will rock us gently to sleep
By trusting him, and his commandments we keep
God Is the beginning and he is the last
Keep close to God and his wondrous love
And know..that this too shall pass.

Joy, peace and hope is what most of us desire,
Through faith, all this we can require.
Just like the cloud carries the rain,
Know God will carry us through anxieties and pain.
God is our comfort, our strong foundation,
He is our strong hold, our renewed inspiration.
His love will hold everything broken together
if we allow his love to manifest within us
we can get through the toughest of weather
He will simply motivate us to keep going
no matter what badness this old  world is throwing
God is always showing us the better way out
his unconditional love we should never doubt..
So let go of the hurt, pain and stress
cause when God come through he's coming
through with the best.So know in your hearts
that these things won't always last,
cause in the end, this too shall pass...

Collaboration: by Dorothy Collins and Lowanda Lee (2008)

This Too Shall Pass - Yolanda Adams









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