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Societal consequences of sin,
Evidenced by physical manifestations,
Strip joints, porno movies, lewd music,
And rampant fornication,
Acceptable norms signaling
A further decline in this nation,
A government official getting arrested
While in an airport privy,
Pants down wearing polka dot skivvies,
Promises he won’t do it no mo
And claims he ain’t really a homo,
Just a hardcore republican
Who likes the occasional touch
Of a young man’s hand on his, can,
Governor having an all nighter while spending plenty of loot,
On a thousand dollar an hour prostitute,
Female dog...Bitch,
Human female dog ...disgrace,
Female dog in heat...slut,
Human she-dog in heat...disgrace,
Societal consequences of sin
Un-wed mothers giving birth to emasculated men,
Libidinous, lascivious and lewd,
Men imitating women and women acting like dudes,
Psycho social evaluation,
AmeriKKKa is an amoral abomination
Body altering surgery,
Sexual identity emergency,
Freaks wishing for a genderless society,
Perverted freak show vanity,
Sexual insanity,
Promiscuity is the order of the day
Is San Francisco going to be the new capital of the USA?

Abu Lateef

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