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 Thoughts During Meditation

Sitting in meditation watching my thoughts drifting through my mind;
My intentions are noble, but in reality I have difficulty remaining steadfast.
Like the leaves of an oak tree in the autumn,
The slightest hint of a breeze, a leaf falls.
Then another comes floating down.
An acorn falls, as the squirrel scampers to bury it.
The wind picks up as a bounty of falls harvest of color rains down.
I look forward to the barren naked tree of Samadhi,
That time of getting lost completely into the moment.
Thoughts during meditation

I know that Samadhi will not be but for a moment anytime soon in my life.
The power of my ego shakes the leaves from the mighty oak and thoughts return.
They litter the floor of my brain;
The squirrels love this time of my meditation,
They swing from tree to tree inside my head,
Playful to a fault.
I seek to quiet them, but I once again fail.
I hear their noisy chatter wondering who the hell do I think I am.
Maybe some guru or great yogi, yeah right!
Thoughts during meditation


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