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six candles


Six Candles

Six Candles

Even the hues in the sky and on the ground had differed
Not everything is always black and white
"A bed of roses" is so yesterday-
And also so disgusting that-
I don't even let the phrase slip from my lips.
It does seem like the day of complete loss of memory
Is in my vision... this is so gladdening to the heart-
A tonic to my spirit.
And, what once was so iffy and unconstant
is now converting to: appropriate and well chosen.
You have
an impeccable impression on my heart....
You are
a fresh kiss
and a refreshing love.
A romance that has quested my soul
And my hesitance has resigned
Today I turned to look past my back
And the grave was too far
And  I did uncover- in fair vision-
The flicker of six candles.

-dayna elizabeth © 2008

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six candles