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Who created the Zionist state of hate
Carved from Iraq the nation of Kuwait?
Who ripped land from Sudan naming it Darfur?
Who colonized the island of Madagascar?
Who created South Africa's apartheid?
Why is it the truth you always hide?
It wasn't the Zulu.
Why did you create a god to look like you?
What could have affected your brain?
Blasphemer, just how long have you been insane?
Who robbed Africa of its gold?
Who stole 100 million souls?
Time that the truth be told,
I'm ready to rip you a new hole.
Soon … you gonna have to pay,
There is a New Africa … and this is a new day.
Lock and load … aim and squeeze
You shoot and never holler FREEZE!
Killing Africans is your sport,
From Johannesburg to New York.
Who "genocided" the Red man and killed
The buffalo … it was you Pale face
Who else could stoop so low?
You invaded Egypt and blew off the nose of
The Sphinx …
Where ever you go … so goes the jinx.
Cristobal Colon would not leave the Arawaak
And Carrib nations alone he accomplish his
Objective with genocide alone,
And the land grabbing theft of their homes.
With the blessings of the King and Queen of Spain
And the catholic pope in Rome.
Who terrorized the Palestinians
Chasing them from their homes?
Needless to say … it was the white man in each and
Every case … a beast in disguise … Masked and
Wearing a human face.
Who was the evil schemer that bombed Nagasaki
And Hiroshima … Killed Martin Luther King,
Sometimes known as The Dreamer?
There is something afoot … the defeat of you ...
Have you forgotten how you were defeated at Dien Bien Fu?
And you could not win against Ho chi Minh,
Not even with the help of all your Jinn.
There is something in the air
Stirring in Africa … people of the Diaspora
Worldwide … we are coming after ya
We aren't just in Africa …
We are in Europe, South and north ameriKKKa
Pan Islamic, Pan African … taking away Europe's lead
Through righteous revolutionary actions and deeds.
One day soon, maybe leaving you in the Red ...
From Baltimore to Brazil … Africans uniting
Joining as one against the forces of evil …
Fighting and righting 500 years of WRONG
Defeating Euro-ameriKKKa like Ho Chi Minh
And the peace loving people known as
I can smell victory for the Mujahideen in Iraq.
We're in Southwest and Southeast Asia
Coming after you like Smoke'n Joe Frazier.
Soon … you gonna have to pay
There is a New Africa … and this is a new day


Abu Lateef


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