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Where ever he has been
He speaks of peace
But he is not a friend.
He has caused boundaries
Of separation to be drawn
In the land between kith and kin.
Even when he no longer has a
Physical presence in your land
You can still see the disastrous
Imprint of his devilish hand.
He leaves his stain on the people
And some are permanently marked
And transformed into drone like Sheeple,
Mimicking him in every way.
You hear his words from their
Mouths when they talk,
In his footsteps they blindly walk.
Worthless talk of peace, freedom,
Justice, love and democracy
From the progenitors of hate
The children of hypocrisy.
Equality of opportunity they will never give
Because it simply isn't part of the way, they live.
Re-unification and organization
Among the tribes of the Islamic Nation
Will stop the Shayateen from enslaving the
People of Earth on a Global Plantation.


Abu Lateef


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