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 Bad Seeds

As I live my daily life, I am sometimes disconnected from my intentions.
It is at these times that at night I wonder and recapitulate upon the day.
I see so clearly how I stumble on a daily basis; how can I be so evil?
I have planted bad seeds.

I must try and stay alert; maintain my attention on my words and actions.
At any moment in time this evil can leap up from within and spew its  vile seeds.
I must maintain my awareness and maybe, just maybe, I can live a single day
Without planting bad seeds.

After a bad seed that I have planted comes to my attention, I need to give care.
I must do my best to unearth this seed by repenting in total honesty.
I will dig up each seed so that the sunlight can expose its intentions.
Never water the bad seeds.

With truth and honesty, few of those seeds will ever fully grow;
But I know we can never totally derail the law of reciprocity.
The Word says “What you have sown that you must reap.”
Bad seed,  bad seeds… I have planted bad seeds.


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