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Softly they fall, like drops of pure rain;
Heralds of joy, passion, and pain.
Glistening drops of liquid emotion;
Wrung from the heart, a powerful potion.

Eyes have been said to mirror the soul,
Reflecting the hopes, desires, and goals.
A floodgate to keep our teardrops behind;
Unleashed when feelings have to unwind.

No flower will grow, when watered by tears,
Nor blossom when nourished on innermost fears.
The saltine fountain which flows from within
Is a balm for our own worries and sin.

Why do we cry, I often have mused;
Is it merely because emotions are bruised?
Or is it a means of cleansing the hurt;
Washing away the grime and the dirt?

Whatever the reason, when tears start to brim,
Hold not your innermost feelings within.
Bathe in the water of teardrops that flow;
Use them to polish your soul's inner glow.

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