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Captain of My Soul

I fear not storm, nor winds that rage
As I write these words upon this page.
My course is charted, my ship secure;
My mind is calm, and my heart is pure.

Heartaches still wait, that may cut like a knife,
Yet no matter the tempest on this sea of life,
My anchor's secure, and will weather all tests,
For I sail not alone, but at His behest.

My captain has eyes that pierce any gloom,
And knowledge of every possible doom.
He guides my hands as I steer this course;
When I seek answers, He is the source.

With Him by my side, I fear not the deep,
For in His love, my soul he does keep.
The winds may howl, and blow ever faster,
Yet for all of its bluff, He is the Master.

The greater my  need, the more He supplies;
For when I seek shelter, and my soul cries,
His arms enfold me and strengthen my will.
He quiets my storms, and says, "Peace.  Be still."

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Captain of My Soul



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