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The Blessed Nightmare

It has been a long time since I have had that dream that always starts as
I touch you in an innocent bypassing brush of skin against skin.  With the transferance of warmth and I am lost in the past and hopes of the future.
I know that you still feel all the things that I do.  You show me that smile and now I know.  Ah, yes you quickly hide it but then you can not deny that the want is still alive.
I hear your voice and it pierces my inner core.  I simply sit and listen melting into that old dream that is still haunting me.  The very weakness that I thought that had been left behind forever put away like a child's toy.  
That old smoldering ember is breathed alive just a little more the dried emotion ready to feed the fire.  Wanting burns as I dream of your mouth so full and tender sweet, beckoning to be kissed.  That beautiful neck line that leads down to breast that move with your breathing  I can feel the softness of nipples dancing beneath my hands has they make their way down into the inner regions.  Oh, I am lost to the world around me, entrapped in your body and drenched in the passion and rising of your hips bending up and matching my own.  Oceans can not match the ebbing flow of lovers unchecked and flaring in the heat.   I am forever locked in this cage of lust never to be allowed to leave
yet freely brought here by a dream that I never want to end.

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