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I ask myself what is the secret of contentment?
Do I even begin to know the meaning of this word?
It is not just a sense of satisfaction with my life,
Nor simply surrender unto the karma that is.
Underlying it all is an attitude from within my heart,
Understanding that all is not perfect the way it is;
Yet not giving up my hopes nor my dreams.
This is contentment.

It is that mindset and heart set of steadfastness,
At life's surprises my foundation stands firmly.
Not seeking for my security,
Not scampering for what I am told I deserve.
Just enjoying the blessing of breath and a heartbeat.
I'm alive for this moment, shear ecstasy with this freedom.
Not greedy for more than is my allotment of life.
This is contentment.

Sufficient is the love of God for my life,
But I am blessed with your love as well.
There is no need for anything else in this world.
Satisfaction is of the mind, it is temporary;
Creating a hunger for something more.
Happiness is a fleeting gift to enjoy while it lasts.
I am not hungry for more than what my need is.
This is contentment.

The cats asleep on the love seat beside the computer.
Sherrie is here as my partner in this life.
I seek only the answers to my questions of faith.
I only want this present moment lived in it's fullness,
Without holding back, giving myself to it completely.
This is contentment.


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