Linguistic Jihad

A poet writes about life as he knows it. He writes
about what he has learned through experiences.
Life as it is and sometimes what he perceives it
to be.

Words are the tools of his craft. Words can
soothe, offend, inspire, inform or mis-inform.
Words can fly from a page causing glee or
invoking fits of rage.

In society, words and use of language
can enpower socially and politically. An
inability to use words and language can
psychologically and emotionally cripple
a people.

The Trans Atlantic trade in Slaves
had this effect upon African people.
In a generation the Africans were stripped of their
language subsequently losing knowledge of their
religion, history, culture, ancestral ways and even
their names.

Words represent signs and symbols and are
the medium through which humans communicate.
Indeed, language is power. Without language a
people become impotent and powerless.

This was the intent and tactical strategy employed by the
Euro-AmeriKKKan enslavers to domesticate Africans.
The Euro-AmeriKKKans had the printing press and
were the ones who wrote and published books.
They were the ones who got to tell their story.
The ones who buried the rich histories and
contributions of Africans and Native American people.

They are guilty of embellishing and out right lying about the exploits
their people. The history of the European in the Americas is a bloody tale.
Marked by a bloody ‘Trail Of tears’
for the Cherokee, Arapaho, Arawak, Carib, Mayan
and other 'Real Americans' who were living happily before
the whites came to their shores.

Blood is the fluid of life and without it one dies.
Through Euro-AmeriKKKan blood letting in the Americas,
many innocent people have died. Much non-European blood has
been shed.

In Islam great importance is placed upon the
blood of the martyr. True Martyrs go straight to paradise.
The blood of Martyrdom is indeed highly valued in Islam but
the ink of the scholar is said in Islam to be worth more
than the blood of the martyr. Indeed this would make
The Pen Mightier than The Sword.

This Author, by no stretch of the imagination claims to
be a scholar, with his pen/sword will wage a poetic war
of words in the on going battle to defeat the lies and
deceit that has been created by bigoted imperialistic
Euro-AmeriKKKan propaganda. Exposing that many people are
in denial when it comes to the reality that America is
not what it espouses to be in regards to freedom justice
and equality. AmeriKKKan politicians are corrupt devils
with a system of government that is rotten to
it's core.

The founding fathers were racist, misogynist,
non religious materialist bent upon continental
domination. They were brutal adventuress who
usurped power in the land through genocidal
campaigns against the indigenous nations upon
whom they encroached. They developed an economy
based upon the labor of chattel slavery. These
bigoted founding fathers composed declarations and
proclamations and a constitution that must be continually
repaired in a vain effort to include those who with
forethought and intent were originally excluded. Namely,
ative Americans, Africans and Women.

This flawed document, the United States Constitution,
has been continually reinterpreted and reconstructed
as a result from pressure of numerous Civil Rights
Movements initiated by the previously mentioned
excluded groups. The voting rights that were originally
the privilege of free land owning white males had to
be changed to accommodate those ignored by the framers
of the constitution.

The United States Constitution and the Amendments
thereto are nothing more than assuasive rhetoric used
to lull the citizenry into a state of docility and

All cultural, ethnic and religious practices are taken away
and replace by a new god ... "The god of Patriotism." To
worship the " god of patriotism" is to enter into a
National State of Unbelief.

To be a good ameriKKKan must one strip himself of all
non-European attributes; specifically,dress, language,
religion and culture then accept the seemingly all
inclusive term "ameriKKKan" to be viewed as
non-threatening? In the case of an African born in
America ... must he accept the generic term
"WHITE BLACK-MAN" in order to be considered a
trust worthy ameriKKKan?

Why are people of non-European, non-Christian roots
considered a threat to national security and the
ameriKKKan way of life?Why are those who refuse to
conform to this mentally labeled un-ameriKKKan and
un-patriotic? What makes their refusal to worship the
god of Patriotism so frightening?

Real Americans such as Crazy Horse, Chief Pontiac
and Chief Osceola knew that European-ameriKKKans
were then, just as they are now ... a corrupt, deceitful
violent breed of murderous thieves. Thieves who would
do any and everything in their power to deny indigenous
people of their rights to life liberty and the pursuit of

So, fight against the enemies of justice.
Wage a war of righteousness in whatever way you can.
Physically do battle with those who fight against you.
If you have not the strength to engage them in physical
confrontation then Speak Out against their devilish deeds.
If you fear that speaking out will bring you great harm then
at least hate the foulness of their conduct secretly in
your heart. Give Dawah!

May Allah continue to bless the Muslims against the
al-kafiroon. With the help of Allah the kafiroon will be
expelled from all Muslim lands just as they were
disgraced and chased out of Lebanon. Long live all
Freedom Fighters. The Mujahideen and The Hizbullah
who fight to establish justice on earth against al-kafiroon.
Death to the forces of unbelief!

Abu Lateef

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Linguistic Jihad