SEX in ameriKKKa (Essay)

The deeds that are acceptable in the sight of the Shayateen are not acceptable to those who believe in Allah through the practice of Islam. Imitation and emulation of the euro-ameriKKKan lifestyle is not a healthy choice because spiritually and morally it is more a "Style of Death" then it is a lifestyle. I, along with 1.3 billion others choose to live through the healthy lifestyle and moral code of Islam
AmeriKKKa claims to be a god fearing nation and the premier moral leader of the world. AmeriKKKa lies! The state of Nevada and the US government sanctions prostitution then taxes the prostitutes and the brothels where they work. Do you see the inherent evil paradox and the hypocrisy in ameriKKKa's democracy? AmeriKKKa's mask of a democracy is how it disguises it gross hypocrisy. The govenor of Nevada and Uncle Sam are "Government Sanctioned PIMPS" and that is OK with 'The Man,' his Negros, Jews and Xristians syncophants. As the commercial for Nevada tourism (Las Vegas) says, "What you do here stays here." Jews and church going Christians love the casinos. They love gambling and intoxicants. They love that which is forbidden. They love the near nude dancers, bars and porno stars. And they hate the non drinking, hijab wearing Muslimah who covers her body in obedience to Allah. Do you understand the paradox and the hypocrisy? Do you really understand the inherent evil and lawlessness in ameriKKKan democracy?
Do you understand yet why Muslims are seen as villains in ameriKKKan society? Muslims are the only people who actually believe that there can be no sex until marriage and practice same. Muslims are the only force that forbids gambling, sexual promiscuity and recreational drug and alcohol consumption. The so-called Xristians and Jews create their own problems by making lawful what Allah has made unlawful. Disobedience to Allah is obedience to Shaytan.
Many Prostitutes are the products of dysfunctional family situations, which are in some cases, caused by drinking and gambling addicted parents. Often times these women are childhood victims of verbal threats and sexual abuse. They are women with no one to care for or about their well being. In general, poorly educated, these women don't have many employment opportunities. Many turn to the sex industry as a way of earning a living. The social environment, a reflection of government policy, leaves them with few options. Some turn to prostitution thinking it is a way to make ends meet until they can do better. Good old capitalism provides employment for all the masses, yeah, ameriKKKa got jokes! Polygyny is a way to insure that the women in a society have a lawful sexual partner who provides for her and her children.
White folks and their Negroes sycophants glibly say, "Prostitution is the oldest profession known to man." But, is it a respectable profession? Is it noble? They parrot the Shayateen by saying, "I wouldn't do it but if she chooses to, this is a free country and people should be free to do as they please. Not if what they please to do or through circumstances are forced into doing is displeasing to Allah. Disobedience to Allah is obedience to Shaytan. Do ameriKKKan politicians and law makers enjoin the right and forbid the wrong? They are a federation of frauds and moral imposters. These, are the same people who say they believe in the Bible. Does the Bible encourage drunkenness, prostitution, and gambling? Is this ameriKKKan democracy in action? Now, what sane person would want their mother, daughter, or sister to be lured into such a situation? That is definitely not my type of freedom. Sounds more like ameriKKKan FREE DOOM or FREE DUMB.
Is it viewed as a lawful profession in the book of Allah? No! Would a women turn to prostitution if she had a caring family or husband to provide her with financial maintenance and a place to stay? No! In any society where there are more women than there are men and there are, more women on Earth than there are men, who will insure that women are not going to be forced into such a life? Have a demographic study done of Nevada's brothels and see if you can find any prostitutes there who profess being anything other than Jew or Christian. The Jews and the Jesus worshipers aren't against gambling or prostitution because they benefit from it. In fact, they love it. They work as dealers, hotel employees, strippers, law enforcement officers (that's definitely a joke), sanitation workers, lawyers, electricians, singers, local government official, dancers, accountants, school teachers and on and on.
Where would the strippers job go, where would the bar tenders job go, where would the roulette wheel go, where would the slot machines go, where would the dice and card games go? When Islam rules ameriKKKa, (and it will) all of the aforementioned things will go into the garbage can. Why? Because Islam does not permit such and those caught, participating will be dealt with through the courts and punished accordingly. And the penalty for adultery is death. How many people do you think would rape or commit adultery, visit and patronize prostitutes or become role players in pornographic movies if they knew with certainly that they would meet with the punishment of a public whipping or death?
Who will provide spiritual, educational, emotional, financial, intellectual, and family support if there is no nuclear family structure? Polygyny is a way to insure that the women in a community have a lawful sexual partner who provides for her and her children.
Sexual Promiscuity is as ameriKKKan as "Police brutality against black folks." The so-called Jew and those who allege to be the so-called followers of our Beloved Prophet Isa ibn Maryam (Jesus of Nazareth) do not disapprove of prostitution, gambling, or alcohol consumption. But they do disapprove of Islam and Muslims. Why??? The so-call Jews and Christians run the government and set policy. They visit prostitutes and collect taxes from the brothels. It is big business. They will legalize anything that brings them in a profit, be it drugs & alcohol consumption, pornography or gambling casinos. They will permit anything that turns a profit. Like drinking gin and juice, guzzling a forty ounce beer, smoking blunts, kissing queers and busting us up while locking us down just because we object to the sin that runs rampant in their towns.
White folks and their Negro lackeys find nothing wrong with this but they do find something wrong in those who oppose gambling, alcohol consumption, recreational drug usage, prostitution, fornication, homosexuality, and adultery. Why? They oppose the Book of Allah in particular and Muslims in general, WHY? Because, Muslims worldwide oppose the things that the Jews and Christians love. This is the reasons Muslims are vilified worldwide. We (the Muslims) and we alone stand against the "Legalization of Sin." In a nutshell, that is what the war on terror is all about. The kuffar become filled with terror at the thought of obeying the Book of Allah. Why? Because they know that Islam does not make legal the things that they hold dear, namely, "Sin." Like drinking gin and juice, guzzling a forty ounce beer, smoking blunts, kissing queers and busting us up and locking us down because we fear Allah and hate the vice found in all of their towns.
Muslims believe that a mother should be cared for financially while she cares for her children and family. The Muslims really believe that motherhood is not only "One of "The Oldest LAWFUL Profession" in History, they believe that it is the "MOST NOBLE PROFESSION!!!" The euro-ameriKKKan mentality both White and Negro believe a "Real Woman" should work outside the home like an adult male so men can be freed up to act like children who have no sense of responsibility. He should be free to have sex with as many women as he can but bare no moral or financial responsibility to woman or the children he makes. No, one can cure this type of diseased society unless they have a life code that instructs them in how it is supposed to be done. Islam has such a code.
The So-called Jews and the so-called Christians are the ones who created this sick society. They with their Judeo-Christian retarded mentality created this sick society. They have no cure for it. They don't think it is sick. They love it the way it is. They want to share their sick democracy with the world. They stand against Islam because they are down with the man. They are the man! They are partners in sin and crime having legalized all things that Allah has made haraam.
Don't you think it is time to turn around from the "Real ameriKKKan way?"
Accept the alternative today ... The ISLAMIC WAY, The Muslim Way, the right way !


Abu Lateef

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SEX in ameriKKKa (Essay)