ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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My phlow sometimes can be cold as snow,
As funky as the City of B-Mo,
My phlow can be as deep as the Pacific,
My phlow of rhymes border the terrific,
Phlowing lyrics like rain,
My phlow talks about pain,
About war ... about breaking down doors,
Phlowing about love ...
About life ... about I-Esha my wife.
About my spouse,
Phlowing about a man acting like a mouse,
About a white devilish clown in the white house
About so-called revolutionaries ...
Philosophical Intellectual Fairies,
About ni_gas being super black
Ni_gas who are really whack
Ni_gas talk'n crap and selling crack.
Dark skinned white men
Try'n to befriend
Smile'n and grin'n
Tom'n and win'n ... white folks approval,
My phlow is about social removal
Of petty minded,
Smile'n two faced hypocrites,
My Phlow is about nig_as who need to quit ...
Hate'n ... with petty childish INTERNET jealousies ...
Committing self hate felonies.
Vultures ... not peaceful doves,
Talk'n all that family love ...
When they ain't got any ...
Gossip a plenty ...
Fat but not Jolly,
Wombs like Tombs ...
Claim'n to be Mommy,
My phlow makes the haters hate on me,
Like Jomo Kenyatta and the MAU MAU,
I cause jaws to drop ... and say WOW!
This is my phlow
So come phlow with me
My phlow is like napalm ... burn'n up,
Incinerate'n like the "A" bomb ...
Like a Malian Mafioso ...
There can be some killer up in my phlow,
Did I fail to mention be'n
Convicted of A lyrical lynch'n?
Raw execution ...
Dialectical, Lyrical DEATH by Elocution,
Some think My phlow ... MY Phlow ...
My phlow is like ...
A Rhythmical Final solution

Abu Lateef

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