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Today the days of my life have accumulated to fifty-six years.
Another birthday has come, bringing with it another candle.
Wisdom shows me that my end is closer than my beginning now,
But instead of looking either forward or back, I'll just stay right here.

I do wish to spend a moment taking the time to reflect on the year of double nickels.
Many changes within me has taken place. as my soul has grown and reached out.
Externally though, just the slow process of aging, the passage of time;
But I continue to polish off the rust, as I am a classic deserving my attention.

I have returned to a more peaceful place of an exercise regiment.
I still run, row, lift, bike; but no longer attempting to buffet the body into submission;
No longer seeing my exercise as a fountain of youth, but as working in a partnership.
A partnership with yoga and the present moment becoming more alive in the now.

Recognizing that another thirty years of unconscious actions to stop the cycle of death,
Have not one iota of the true power of five minutes in the present moment.
Alive! Right now! Fully, completely, without withdrawal from what is.
Acceptance of this moment with gratefulness to God for this life.

Lessons come and they go within my life, but this one has stuck deeply into my person.
No longer motivated to outrun the past, no longer afraid to face the future;
No longer do I have to live entangled with my thoughts and my ego.
I am fifty-six years old today, yet this is meaningless to an eternal creature.

For eternity is realized when escaping the trappings of time and it's thoughts;
The power and wisdom of this present moment is all that life truly offers me.
This is the stage where this passion play happens, make peace with the now.
I open my heart to accept what is, be at peace,  I will  live my life with presence.

Fifty-Six…yet without number, eternal, timeless…
Simply I am… now


Penned on my birthday, reflecting on my life.

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