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 Fantasy in Blue

Reality seems so illusive on days like today;
My mind is repelled away from what really is.
I am seeking a peace by hiding far from normalcy;
Finding myself a shelter within my fantasy in blue.

This is not really an illusion, it's near my very soul;
Yet separated by space and time from my reality.
I look into my heart and embrace this ghost so blue,
Deeper into the well of this fantasy I willingly fall.

This shadow passes casting a sensation of freedom;
The weakness within me is fortified with energy.
The dragon within roars and stretches out his mighty wings;
Breaking the chains that this civilization has placed on me.

I am an iridescent blue, my scales shimmer in the sunlight,
Powerful and mighty, my wings reach out across the sky.
My breath is hot, my eyes are fire red, my talons are razor sharp.
The people look up at this blue shadow in the sky with awe.

Mighty is the feeling that indwells me in this moment as I soar;
Freedom from the limitations  and confines of my normal life.
I am the blue dragon, the fantasy in blue in your sky's above.
Don't be afraid, a gentle beast I am,  full of the passion for life.

No longer bound by traditions and rules, I fly in freedom.
No longer having the passionate fires within doused, I fly in freedom.
No longer controlled by mankind, I soar above you flying in freedom.
Fully empowered by this dragon within, this fantasy in blue is freed!


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