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 Does It Matter????
once upon a time

Does It matter
If you love your man all night long?
Sometimes he will still do you wrong.
You work eight hours, and run home to prepare
His favorite dishes,
Then find out someone else is sharing his kisses.

Does It Matter
If you fix yourself up, and you look good?
And you don't get a compliment you thought you would,
If you fix his plate, and bring him his food,
Your tender embrace, he still elude.
If you have a gathering, and friends stop by,
He ignores you, he's looking your friend in the eye.
You work out and keep your body tight,
He's looking for another, as he roams the streets at night.

Does It Matter
That I am the mother of your girl and boy?
And you as their father, are they pride and joy.
And they scream daddy as you walk out the door,
I know you are going where you went the night before.

Does It Matter
That I always listen to your concerns?
Yours is more important than mine, I have learned.
That I like to be happy, and I like to have fun,
I am a good person to you, and everyone.

Does It Matter
That I should be your best friend?
And I know that you and your women continue to sin.
That you are suppose to love me until death do us part,
Or that you have truly broken my heart.

Does It Matter
That you make me think crazy things in my head?
Or that it matters that we sleep in separate beds?
And all I have is my children, and a telephone,
While you are always leaving me and the children alone.

I have learned that is is all about you,
And that you will continue to do what you do.
Does It Matter
That I don't listen anymore to your broken chatter?
All I need to know is "Does It Matter"


Lets Straighten It Out - Monica Ft Usher

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