ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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That gesture,
Was it the finger or the bumping of fists?
Did you miss this, O the Bomber,
Says he whole heartedly supports
The Zionist state?
What will be the Palestinians fate?
As O the Bomber's Drama unfolds
Will you continue to fall in lockstep and do
As you, are told?
By the devils disciples
Manipulated and recruited
Mobilized and deluded
"Govern mentally" polluted
Political illusionist
Insist that the "Savior" has come
They seem mesmerized by
That look in his eyes.
Is it the look of change and hope
Or, a type of mass hypnosis…
Known as "Political street dope?"
He is cool, colored, and calm
On the Muslims he wants
To drop the bomb,
Already stated he can't
Wait to get his chance
To increase the blood flow in Afghanistan
Phase two of his plan is to
Take out the Muslims in Pakistan.
With his yarmulke on head,
Praying at the Wailing Wall
He showed he is no friend….yall.
Like in the movies, O the Bomber
Is living out his version of the ameriKKKan dream
But the only segments that Muslims appear in
Are in the nightmare scenes


Abu Lateef


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